'Walk This Way' in Boston by Photographer Debbi Nelson. © Copyright 2016 Debbi Nelson dba Photograzia

‘Walk This Way’, Boston
by Debbi Nelson

I was walking near the Massachusetts General Hospital complex in Boston, Massachusetts when I stumbled upon a mural of children. The light was soft and the colors pleasing. As I turned my attention to the lines in the street and how they interacted with the mural, a woman passed me. She stepped off the curb and started across the street. I started shooting. It was too perfect. This was Boston and, yet, she was the only one crossing this particular Beantown street at this particular moment. Not to mention, she was going in the same direction as the kids in the mural. She was part of the “crowd” and, at the same time, set apart by her bright, red sweater. Additionally, I purposely waited for the millisecond when she actually stepped INTO that one square. Not on a line. Not one foot in and one foot out. Be still my heart! I couldn’t have organized it better. Unorganized perfection is always the best, isn’t it?

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