aboutpic1Grazia means GRACE. The dictionary defines it as “elegance or beauty of form; pleasing and attractive qualities; or the favor bestowed upon us by God.” As a verb, it means “to favor or adorn; to enhance; to honor. “

Indeed, the word GRACE is about as positive as any word can be. When captured by the camera, it is manifested in a baby’s smile or a mother’s kiss. You can see it in a couple’s eyes or a grandparent’s pride. It’s there in the hopeful look of graduating seniors or the camaraderie of teammates in a big game. Sometimes, it’s captured in the tangle of new puppies asleep in a box or the way waves crash on craggy rocks at sunset. Grace is everywhere.

Photograzia wants to honor and bring joy to the moments and events of YOUR beautiful life!

My name is Debbi Nelson. I’ve been a photographer for a number of years, er, decades. I specialize in babies and children, but I am versatile. I love capturing events and I have a special place in my heart for veterans’ portraits and to spotlight senior citizens. My photography has taken me to great places. For example, I have written for newspapers and taken photos for Save the Children, the relief organization known around the world. Photography is art and I will continue to capture the world around me and enhance it, display it, and freeze it, until my hands no longer work or my eyes no longer see.

I travel a lot and also offer prints of the historic and exotic places that I have had the pleasure to visit. Check out my art photos and read about some truly fascinating places on my Blog.

But most importantly…

Let me grace YOUR walls and computers with the beauty and happiness that fills YOUR life. People are often devastated when they lose a replaceable cell phone, yet they neglect to plan, for example, for professional photos to be taken of their baby’s cake smash or their parent’s Golden anniversary dinner. One day, they’ll wish they had photos of their toddler son when he dressed like a Ninja Turtle or their daughter as she readied for her first prom. THOSE are the devastating losses – moments that can never be replaced.

My sessions are easy going and fun events. I will speak with you ahead of the session. We can talk props and outfits, schedules and attendees. It’s a blast, I promise! In nice weather, I love nature and outdoor shots.

Thanks for visiting my site! Let’s talk soon!

Debbi Nelson