'Wisteria Wonder' by Photographer Debbi Nelson. © Copyright 2016 Debbi Nelson dba Photograzia

‘Wisteria Wonder’
by Debbi Nelson

More than 20 years ago, I got a wisteria plant for Mother’s Day. I was so excited about it, planted it and waited to see the beautiful blooms. Every year, it was always the same. “Well, they say it takes a while for these plants to acclimate and to bloom. Let’s bury another soda can with it.” Five years passed then ten, then fifteen, then twenty. Nothing. I would ask florists, horticulturists, and people in line at the supermarket or sitting next to me at the casino if they knew why my wisteria wouldn’t bloom. Despite some strange looks, no one had an answer. Last year, by chance, we finally noticed blooms. Needless to say, getting the camera was my priority. A Wisteria Wonder made its debut.

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