'Tres Gondoliers' by Photographer Debbi Nelson. © Copyright 2016 Debbi Nelson dba Photograzia

‘Tres Gondoliers’
by Debbi Nelson

I was in Venice the day before George Clooney got married.  I probably passed guests and celebrities on the crowded streets, but I don’t recall seeing anyone famous.  My radar was set to seek out beauty and light.  Venice was more than I could have imagined and nothing prepared me for it – not books, not documentaries, not even accounts by other people.  By day’s end, the golden sun was illuminating lines, colors and textures. I didn’t want to miss anything so I stood on one of the bridges and took it all in. Gondoliers were coming and going. But when three of them lined up, almost as if being directed, my heart skipped a beat. When I studied the picture, I noticed that the gondolier on the left almost looks like he is tipping his hat to me!

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